4 Ways Scribbling Helps Your Child Become A Successful Adult

People keep asking me “Why did you choose a scribble as the main character?” (Especially since I have an art degree and could have drawn a wide assortment of things). So I thought I would write a blog post about it!

Well the truth is I just love to watch my kids scribble and after I had a conversation with my pediatrician about scribbling she explained how important it was in their development. So I researched the topic and discovered an impressive list of skills that scribbling fosters:

  1. Fine Motor Skills: Just the simple act of holding a crayon prepares your child for writing and the controlled movements that come with it.
  2. Cognitive development: Then there’s cause and effect. Pushing on the crayon, makes a darker color. Once your child gets the hang of scribbling, they will start to learn colors, sizes, shapes, and comparisons.
  3. Vocabulary: It also gives you a chance as a parent to start teaching vocabulary. “Now why don’t we try coloring with the purple crayon, which one is purple?” Or can you show me a big scribble?
  4. Inventiveness: Art is all about the process, not what they create but how they get there. If you encourage your child to take risks when creating art, it promotes a sense of innovation. Art is a way to invent new ways of thinking


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